For Change to Happen, the Excuses need to Cease…

For Change to Happen, Excuses need to Cease...

We are incredibly elaborate innovative beings. Especially when it comes to procrastination and making up excuses.

We will create them to get out of circumstances that we do not want to take part in or may be difficult for us to do. “Want to go to my friend’s place this weekend?” “Aww, I would love to but…” We have mastered the way to create these excuses and white lies even as a way to mask insecurities and anxiety. Other times, we use excuses because being lazy or being non-committal is how we have programmed ourselves.

We do this, consciously or unconsciously, and we have all done it in one form or another, across every aspect of our lives. While one excuse may look and sound different from another, they share one common characteristic, they are an unhealthy part of your life. We see this here on Pornlife (formerly Fetlife), people lamenting, insistently I might add, about how they cannot find their Daddy, their sub, their Mistress, their Dom. What are you actively doing to meet that person besides creating excuses not to? When I work with my clients and I begin to hear the excuses coming forth, I tend to ask certain questions and give examples:

“$1000 dollars for a semester at school, too expensive.” “New iPhone 12 drops for a $1000 dollars, it’s a must have.”

“$75 dollars for groceries for a few days, too expensive.” “$75 dollars for a night of drinking, reasonable.”

“Wish I had the time to learn a new language.” “What Netflix show can I binge watch this weekend?”

The Why

There are a lot of reasons we create and purport these excuses. Fear, laziness, no motivation, out of our comfort zone, no real goals, easier to play the victim for sympathy than improve our station, or most often, comparing ourselves to others success.

To make a change and get out of life what you want, and dispense with this terrible trend of making excuses, is to understand and admit, even to yourself, that you are in fact, doing this to yourself and no one else is.

Once you understand and become self-aware of these factors and the toxic effect on your life it has, you can begin to set yourself up for positive change. No one said it would be easy, but it is healthier and it is not impossible. Become the change you need

1 – Accept Failure Happens – You have to be willing to fail before you can succeed. I know, it is scary, this is how we learn to become successful and gain expertise. I never sought out to fail in my life, but I sure had my fair share of them before I learned how to be more successful at what I was doing.

2 – Overthinking stuff – I do not know anyone who hasn’t done this, especially when we are confronted with a tough choice. Overthinking begins, and as we grind that into dust, we will eventually give up and make an excuse to stop. Learn to take a risk and trust your feelings (no reference to Star Wars here).

3 – Change your Habits – Your habits determine the type of person you are. If they are positive and good, the less likely you will be to constantly make excuses. Once you begin your positive changes for you, you will see your life drastically change for the better.

4 – Stay focused and Stop Comparing – Your goals are your own. They are not the person in the photo you are drooling over. They have already made themselves happy. They have attained one of their goals. So stop comparing yourself to them. Set real goals, focus and be your own person. I guarantee you, that the person you think has their shit together, has just as many insecurities as you do.

5 – There is only one person to blame. – There is no one holding you back but yourself. Accept that this is your issue, and a reflection of your behavior. Understand and accept this responsibility and move forward. Dwelling on your mistakes, and then blaming others gets you nowhere, except lonely.

Final Thoughts

The sooner we accept that excuses are holding us back, the sooner you realize you have the potential to make things happen, and lead a happier and more fulfilling life. Being positive makes things happen. Next time a situation arises and you are faced with a choice, whether big or small, think of how much you will benefit from it and do it. Even if it is just for fun, it is a new experience and adventure.

Those excuses get you nowhere in life. Stop letting your “next time” become a “never.” Worse yet, letting your “maybe” evolve into a “no.” Your excuses are keeping you from the happiness you deserve. Why use them? If you like my writings please feel free to love, click follow and/or peruse my other writings on different subject matter.